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Yang BaofengYang Baofeng

Prof. Baofeng Yang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of National Key Laboratory of Frigid Zone Cardiovascular Diseases, Honorary Professor of world famous universities in the US, Russia, Australia and Japan. Professor Yang is Director of state key pharmacology discipline, Chief scientist of “973” program project, National Prize for Natural Sciences (Second Prize), National Innovation Award (China), The Top Ten Outstanding Scientists of China, Science and Technology Award, Ministry of Education, China (First Prize), Natural Science Award of National Higher-education Academies (First Prize), Wu Jieping Medicine Prize-Paul Janssen Pharmacy Prize, Vice chairman of Science & Technology Society of Heilongjiang Province, Honorary Chairman of Chinese Cardiovascular Pharmacologic Society, Scientific committee member of China's Education Ministry.

Academician Yang Baofeng led a team to tackle the key issues and bottlenecks in major cardiovascular diseases in China. After decades of hard work, they made the groundbreaking discovery of the mechanism behind a significant cardiac disease—non-coding RNAs/M3 receptors/ion channels, which serve as novel targets for regulating major cardiovascular diseases. They also identified microRNAs as important regulatory molecules in arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death, bringing hope for the prevention and treatment of sudden cardiac death. This research was recognized as a highlight by Nature, an editor's recommendation by Science, and one of the top ten advances in life sciences by Nature Medicine. Over 600 papers have been published in journals such as Nature Medicine, Circulation, JCI, JACC, Cir Res, and STTT, with over 20,000 citations. Prof. Baofeng Yang evaluated the effects of over 100 drugs on the cardiovascular system and proposed the theory “Best Target of Antiarrhythmic Drug Action”, which was indited into the book—Ion Channel Pharmacology; Prof. Baofeng Yang developed a few therapeutic drugs such as Daming capsule, Kangxin capsule and Nianlianping, which have been used in clinic and brought great economic benefits. Prof. Baofeng Yang was the editor-in-chief of the medical textbook—Pharmacology (Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Edition). In the past years, Prof. Baofeng Yang was awarded some prizes, which includes: The Second Prize of the State Natural Science Award of Science and Technology Progress. Academician Yang Baofeng has been selected as a highly cited researcher in China by Elsevier for multiple consecutive years. He has been honored as a visiting professor and honorary doctorate by over 30 internationally renowned institutions in countries including the United States, Russia, Japan, and Australia. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology. He has maintained cooperation with a number of European universities for a long time, such as Elisabeth Genot, Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale, college de France, University of Groningen.

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