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I.A. Sheremet; Grammatical codings - Hannover, 2012

Prof. I. Sheremet's work "Grammatical Codings" is an introduction to the practically effective and theoretically useful approach in the theory of coding. This approach produces a lot of powerful results, concerning non-redundant codes construction and high-speed coding-decoding procedures, implemented by pseudo-systolic computational structures. Mathematical apparatus and algorithmics proposed here have the priority of 1984-1987 and since that time their generality and practical usefulness were proved in various applications, including large data volumes compression as well as computer network traffic redundancy elimination.

The publication has many features of the distinguished work, and the author, Prof. Igor A. Sheremet, may be the EANS 2012 prize winner in the nomination "Communication and Computing".

Prof. Igor A. Sheremet from Moscow Bauman State Technical University is well-known multidisciplinary scientist successfully working at various areas of modern applied mathematics, computer science, mathematical economy , etc. His new publication "Word equations on Context-Free Languages" concerns sophisticated theory generalizing earlier results on so-called word equations. This equations are of great interest not only from the theoretical point of view but also from their direct application to logical inference engines being the nucleus of various artificial intelligence (knowledge-based) systems. The word representation of data and associated with it string-operating Post productions simplify knowledge engineering up to direct natural language "mental" processing (involving language's syntax, semantics and pragmatics), which simply implements, for example, multilingual interaction, and so on. Extended Post systems proposed by Prof. Sheremet at the early both are powerful tool for theoretical and practical problem-solving. Deeply investigated word equations on context-free languages provide many new features in this interesting area.

The annotated publication of Prof. Sheremet is very attractive and the author may be the EANS 2012 prize winner in the nomination "Mathematics".




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