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Liu QinLiu Qin

Liu Qin, male, born in January 1969, holds a PhD in engineering and an on-the-job postgraduate degree. He is a researcher of engineering technology application. He is currently the vice chairman and general manager of Shandong Gold Group Mining Co., Ltd., and also serves as the vice chairman of the China Mining Federation and a member of the ESG Professional Committee of the China Association of Listed Companies.

Liu Qin has been committed to research in the production, technology, scientific research, and management of non-ferrous metal mining, beneficiation, and metallurgy for many years. He has won 26 scientific and technological awards, including 2 national level scientific and technological awards, 24 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological awards, 2 invention patents, and more than 20 publicly published papers (3 papers entered into the Engineering Index (EI) in the United States). He has also published 3 books and won over 20 various honors.



Linwang Yuan Энциклопедия ЕАЕН Liu Zegong

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