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Yin ZongjunYin Zongjun

Yin Zongjun, male, born in 1968, is currently a second level professor and doctoral advisor of Anhui Agricultural University, a member of the National Livestock and Poultry Genetic National Resources Commission, a member of the expert group of the National Pig Genetic Improvement Plan, and a member of the National Joint Pig Breeding Cooperation Group. He is mainly engaged in pig genetic breeding and production technology research. He has presided over more than 40 national 973 projects, 863 projects, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Research Projects, with more than 20 research achievements, Received 8 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, including three first prizes. In recent years, more than 150 research papers have been publicly published domestically and internationally, with over 40 authorized patents and software copyrights. Participated in the development of 8 specialized textbooks and textbooks. In recent years, three new strains of high-quality local pigs have been cultivated, and 1.5 million new strains and supporting breeding pigs have been promoted, achieving significant economic benefits.



Yi Pan Энциклопедия ЕАЕН Yue Gao

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