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Xiaofeng DaiXiaofeng Dai

Dr. Xiaofeng Dai has 7 years’ study and working experience in the Europe. She holds two PhD and two MSc degrees in different fields, and has expertise in cross-disciplinary investigations. Dr. Dai’s has published 93 SCI papers as the first or corresponding author after coming back to China, with the accumulated IF being 617.6 (97 papers with the accumulated IF being 632 if her first author publications abroad were taken into account). Among them, 13 papers have the IF over 10 (highest IF=31.281), 3 are highly cited and selected as the top 1% excellent field publications, 58 belong to 1/2 JCR region according to the rank issued by Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Dai holds two national scientific research funds (surface projects), one national major project in China, and over 10 other national or provincial projects. She is a key member of Dual Innovative Team of Jiangsu Province and was granted with the Six Talent Peaks Project in Jiangsu Province. Dr. Dai has been granted with 2 USA patents of innovation, 8 Chinese patents of innovation (4 out of which with Dr. Dai as the 1st inventor), 2 patents of utility model (1st inventor), and 3 patents of design (1st inventor). She also holds 10 Chinese software copyrights (1st inventor). Dr. Dai is granted with the Outstanding Young Engineer Award in China in 2022. In addition, she received the first prize of 2018 Science and Technology Award of China (rank 1st), the second prize of 2017 Science and Technology Award of China (rank 2nd), the 3rd prize of 2018 Educational Science Research Achievement Award in Jiangsu Province. Dr. Dai is currently a committee member of the Chinese Society for Systems Biology (branch of Functional Genomics and System Biology), Chinese Anti-cancer Association (professional committee of Tumor Biomarkers), Biomedical Engineering Society in Jiangsu Province (professional committee of Bioinformatics), Chinese bioengineering society (professional committee of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics), and a member of Chinese Artificial Intelligence Society, Chinese Anti-cancer Association, Chinese Chemistry Society, Chinese Bioengineering Society, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society in Jiangsu Province, and Engineering Society in Wuxi. Dr. Dai is one pioneer in plasma medicine in China and currently actively working on forming the Plasma Medicine Branch under Chinese Medical Association.

Dr. Dai’s primary academic innovations are “investigations on the innovative medical applications and molecular mechanism of cold atmospheric plasma (CAP)” and “establishment of diagnostic and therapeutic system for precision and translational plasma medicine”. This includes three aspects, i.e., fabrication of CAP-based medical devices for its innovative applications, establishment of theoretical and technical platforms for CAP-based anti-cancer system, and development of innovative CAP-based preventive approaches for viral disease control. Through unifying approaches in the fields of cancer, virus, pharmacology, chemistry, materials, prevention medicine, fermentation, molecular biology, immunology, bioinformatics, physics, etc, Dr. Dai has proposed innovative approaches fighting against tumor metastasis and relapse, contributed to regular epidemic prevention of viral diseases, enabled large scale production of vaccines against virus infections, and will broaden its research scope to explore the efficacy of CAP in resolving other medical disorders such as autoimmune diseases that lack effective therapeutic approaches. Besides proposing these innovative medical applications of CAP as well as the corresponding techniques, Dr. Dai will also thoroughly investigate the underlying molecular mechanisms of CAP for each of its medical application, and contribute to the standardization of CAP dosing and usage towards its accelerated clinical translation.


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