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Junxi LiJunxi Li

Dr. Junxi Li,Professor and master supervisor,Member of China Democratic Party,Member of Royal Society of South Africa,Member of Academy of Management,Industrial Practice Professor of State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,Chief Scientist of International Technology economy and innovation management of China Scientists‘ Forum.

Professor Junxi Li is a member of the Central Committee of the China Democratic League, a member of the Advisory Committee of the Western Returned Scholars Association, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Scientists Forum, Chief scientist in the field of Technical Economy and Innovation Management, Secretary-General of the International Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Project, Deputy Director General of the Chinese Center of the Russian Academy of Engineering and Deputy Director General of the Chinese Center of the African Academy of Sciences. Vice Chairman of the International Conference on Cultivated Land Protection and Food Security, Chief scientist and organizational development consultant of many national high-tech enterprises, distinguished professor and master supervisor of Glyndor University, Netherlands Business School, China Academy of Management Science, Shanghai University, etc. Dr. Junxi Li has got a wealth of practical experience and achievements in the integration of government, enterprise and university deep cooperation.

Professor Junxi Li participated in and presided over many research projects such as UNESCO international collaborative scientific research projects, education science planning projects of the China Ministry of Education, the talent exchange fund projects of the China Ministry of Science and Technology, also got more than 20 software copyrights, more than 10 intellectual property works, published many domestic and foreign publications, and won the Teacher's Scientific Research Fund Achievement Award. Promote Chinese universities, scientific research institutes and large-scale high-tech enterprises to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and build 43 international engineering technology innovation centers in biomedicine, new materials, medical robots and other fields, which has greatly promoted the development process of industrial innovation. He has participated in the organization of national activities "Global Academician Innovation and Cooperation Forum", "Foreign Friends in the New Era Look at China", "Global Good Talents · Stay and Create Good Projects", and as a guest, he was invited to participate in the China Online Education Forum, the Central Education Forum of the Democratic League, the International Psychological Forum of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has been appointed as the ambassador of the UNESCO WAL project, the G20YEA elite Chinese talent program consultant, the chief consultant of the Beijing Olympic Champion Foundation, consultant of Baoding Tourism Bureau of Hebei Province and baoding Tourism Association, the consultant of Organization Department of the chiping Municipal of Liaocheng of Shandong Province. He has won national awards such as China Management Innovation Figure Award, Management Science Influential Person Award, Jin Haigui Business Contribution Award and Tencent China Influential Person.

Dr Junxi Li has greatly promoted international talents,technology communications and cooperations.



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