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Cao YonggeCao Yongge

Cao Yongge, male, born in 1970, is a researcher of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, leader of the Team leader of transparent ceramics, former professor of Renmin University of China, member of the List of Chinese inventions Association, chief editor of the "Special Journal of Laser Lighting Fluorescent Materials" of Applied Physics Letter, member of the editorial board of Material Research Bulletin, and member of the academic committee of the key laboratory of "high-performance ceramic fibers" of the Ministry of Education. In 2012, he won the exemplary individual Award of CAS Local Cooperation Award (science and technology category), the first prize of Innovation Award of List of Chinese inventions Association Innovation Entrepreneurship Award (the first winner) in 2022, and the Geneva International Gold Award in 2023. Led and completed more than ten national and provincial level major and key projects in China. We have been deeply involved in the field of optical functional transparent ceramics for 20 years and have achieved multiple internationally leading and advanced research results. Published over 180 SCI indexed papers and cited over 5000 times; 20 List of Chinese inventions patents, 1 PCT American invention patent, 11 transferred patents (worth more than 60 million yuan), and 5 industrialization achievements were authorized, realizing significant economic benefits.


曹永革,男,1970年出生,中国科学院物理研究所研究员,透明陶瓷团队负责人,原中国人民大学教授,中国发明协会会士,Applied Physics Letter的“激光照明荧光材料专刊”主编,Material Research Bulletin编委,教育部“高性能陶瓷纤维”重点实验室学术委员会委员。2012年获中科院院地合作奖先进个人(科技类),2022年获中国发明协会发明创业奖创新奖一等奖(第1完成人),2023年获日内瓦国际金奖。主持完成中国国家级、省部级重大、重点项目十余项。在光功能透明陶瓷领域深耕20年,获得多项国际领先、先进的研究成果。发表SCI收录论文180余篇,引用5000余篇次;授权中国发明专利20项,PCT美国发明专利1项,转让专利11项(价值6000余万元),产业化成果5项,实现显著经济效益。



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