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Section of Management and Economic

The Section of Management and Economic is a specialized institution responsible for research and management in the fields of economics, management, and engineering. It is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for global economics and management. The research faculty of the section come from around the world, bringing with them profound academic backgrounds and extensive practical experience in their respective fields of research.

Its research projects cover various disciplines, including theoretical economics, mathematical economics, experimental economics, public economics, health economics, industrial organization and regulation, innovation and technology management, international business management, public health management, financial risk management, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, manufacturing engineering, biomedical sciences, life sciences, geotechnical engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering, information engineering, energy engineering, civil engineering, water resources engineering, agriculture, and many other research directions. The section has established close cooperation with academic institutions and enterprises worldwide to carry out joint research and talent cultivation.

The section emphasizes the integration of theory and practice, and provides education through visiting scholars, postdoctoral research programs, and research projects. Its mission is to cultivate talents in economics and management with a global perspective and innovative thinking.

The section actively engages in social services by providing professional consulting services to governments and enterprises, assisting in solving economic and management issues. It also cultivates a large number of talents in economics and management through activities such as public lectures and training courses. In the future, the section will continue to strive for higher education quality, talent cultivation, and research innovation, with the following goals in mind:

  1. To become one of the best research centers in economics and management, not only in Europe but also globally.
  2. To cultivate a group of high-quality economics and management professionals worldwide.
  3. To make significant contributions to the economic development of the country and the region.
  4. To further promote the internationalization of education and enhance the level of internationalization.
  5. To strengthen connections and cooperation with enterprises and society, and promote the integration of industry, academia, and research.

Chairman:Pro.Dawei Jiang


Dawei Jiang

Li Jian

Meiyun Zhang

Tinghua Wang



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